Info Mining, Visible Analytics, and also the Human Element!

With many of the huge amounts of data we have been amassing in the Internet, well, best mining case it really is just astounding the factors we will do with everything. Certainly, those concerned about privateness, effectively, you could understand why organizations such as Digital Freedom Foundation is frequently healthy to be tied. Continue to, believe of many of the good that could grow to be of all of this details? Allow me clarify.

The thing is, while using the appropriate utilization of visible analytics and a variety of facts mining techniques, we’re going to be able to do virtually something we need as well. And, of course, I suppose it goes without indicating which i possess a ton of ideas on Visual Analytics of the World-wide-web, Cell Ad Hoc networking, and Social networks alongside with some principles for DARPAs strategy for “crowd sourcing” innovation, it can make great sense to me, as each and every participant turns into mainly a “neuron” and we utilize the pure neural network plan.

What we want is often a revolution in details mining visible analytics, so the other day I invested 20-minutes taking into consideration this and below are my ideas. I propose an entirely new thought herein. Okay so allow me reveal my concept. But very first permit me briefly explain the bits and parts of thoughts and ideas I borrowed from to return up with this;

There exists an only UFO or Sci Fi tale I browse, the place the alien race reported; “There is usually a entire new world waiting in your case should you dare to get it,”
Getting the “it” aspect of that line and contacting “it” = “IT” as in Details Technologies.
Future, combining that “IT” or “It entity” with that old Christian apocalyptic “mark with the beast” as well as previous computer system technique in Belgium 30-years back declaring for being large enough to track each individual entire world transaction, also nick-named the beast.
Then combining that concept with V. Bush’s idea of “recording a life” or the later “life log theory” from Bell Labs.
Then utilizing the strategy with the eRepublic, wherever govt is absolutely nothing more than a networked web-site.
Then taking into consideration the thought of Invoice Gate’s concepts in “the Road Ahead” where by the electronic nervous program of the company was absolutely and completely integrated.
Put together with SAPs, and Oracles company solutions
Mixed with Google’s information bases
Put together together with the Pangaea Challenge for kids to collaborate in elementary college across the world and programming the AI computer system, applying a plan built by Carnegie Mellon to crowd source the educating of the AI process. “eLearning Collaborative Networks like Quorum or Pangaea”
Blended with IBMs newest brain map visualization not long ago while in the news..
Put together with these following feelings of mine:

My Reserve; “The Foreseeable future of Truck Technologies,” and 3D and 4D Transportation Personal computer Modeling; Site; 201.
My Reserve; “Holographic Technologies,” specially; Data Visualization Schemes; Web site 57 Chapter five.
My Post on 3D and 4D Thoughts Maps for Monitoring and Analyzing.
My Short article on Head Maps with the Long term and On-line fashion Assume Tanks
My Short article on Stair Move Mentorship for Human Finding out during the Long term and In no way Growing old Societies.

Okay now let me describe the premise of my strategy for Visual Analytics;

Very first, forget this complete plan of the second thoughts mapping strategy or chart accustomed to demonstrate links in between terrorist gamers, cells, property, acquaintances, and so on., just how it truly is laid out at this time – help it become 3D, truly make it 4D and 5D the place some levels can only be found by a select several, and to illustrate a 6D amount that can only be accessed by an AI tremendous pc [why; since I don’t have faith in people, they can not be trusted, i.e. WikiLeak, leaker for instance].

Future Every one of the data is saved within just inside the sphere. But to access the information about the outer facet from the sphere, photo Earth’s floor, the ball or sphere (with grids similar to a map in the world) rolls about over a large grid paper. Whenever you choose to look at a specific celebration, individual, subject, or whichever, a certain issue within the sphere’s grid touches a corresponding point about the grid paper it rolls on, the grid paper it rolls on can wrap close to and morph by itself to your sphere or contour alone therefore the following corresponding bit of information on the surface is often accessed, rolling or spinning.

Picture a selectric typewriter ball over a shaft as being a 2nd product to look at this, now allow it to be all 3D as part of your mind, as well as paper molds round the sphere because it accesses, or during the situation of a selectric typewriter it styles. Now the Sphere is hollow inside that contains layers, just like the earth, crust, mantel, and main. Info goes deep or throughout, every piece of info is related, take into consideration the earliest string principle designs for this.

Great thing about my visualization principle is I think all of this math exists, while in reality string theory is generally bunk, though the math for getting there makes this possible. As the data goes deep, think about the iPad contact monitor, or perhaps the Microsoft cafe “menu with a table” notion, or the depictions of Minority Experiences, relocating with the screens by the use of movement gestures, I feel Lockheed also has this idea up and running for air-traffic regulate units, prototype variations, perhaps the navy is by now working with it, mainly because it has huge programs for the web centric battlespace visualization also.

Ok so, some concentrations go through a frame-burst state of affairs using you into another stage, where the data commonly stored with the nearly infinite selection of grid points and cross related to every other is nothing much more than a nucleus with added information spinning all around it. Though the consumer are not able to accessibility all of that data, without clearances, the AI method has access to all of it, even though a sorting process is often a collection of search characteristics within just lookup characteristics, with non-linked data also. You can’t split into it; it can be not connected to the users’ interface in any respect, assume of the hidden information as electrons unattached throughout the info. The information is known to exist but are unable to be accessed that could be the 5D level, and 6D degree no human may get way too, but the data exists.

You already know that surfer dude in Hawaii that came up with all the “Grand Principle from the Universe” why don’t you use his model for our visualization, in spherical form, yet again, the mathematics for all of this by now exists.

The thing is, what I would like is usually a way to discover folks like me, I would like to locate these thinkers and innovators to get it all for the subsequent stage, and if the visualization is there, we will come across; The great Guys, Undesirable Men, and also the Potential suddenly. How come I need a “Neural Network” visualization system inside of a sphere? It seems to me that this is how the mind does points, and what we are doing here is developing a Collective Brain, working with each individual individual assigned to an “ever-expanding” unit of data, along a carrier or movement.

Keep in mind when Microsoft Labs arrived out with that really great technique to travel as a result of the Universe and check out the many celestial bodies alongside just how, making use of all of the Hubble Pics gathered? It truly is sort of like that, you travel to your details, find out while you vacation and it piques your curiosity as you go triggering your personal mind waves, and splashing the people minds with chemical benefits as they go, because they explore additional information, growing their knowing also, it just appears to me this really is the way it all is effective in any case.

Consider of that previous Sci Fiction strategy where by the Earth and our photo voltaic system are merely an atom of the chemical compound inside of a cell on the human body, all we are able to see is all the other compounds all over us simply because everything is so compact, so, we are not able to begin to see the total image and what seems to become a complete universe would only be a handful of thousand cells shut more than enough for us to see. And time alone is sluggish, since the electrons or planets relocating around the atom seems to have a calendar year to circle the nucleus in lieu of 10,000 times a 2nd.